It’s pouring pangolin photos!

After our previous success we have managed to capture several photographs of a Sunda Pangolin in P33’s release site, and on one of them you can see the transmitter. This 100% confirms that 3 months after release she is still alive!! 



ImageOver the period that these photographs were taken we had used frozen ants in glycerine as bait, although it will take a little more investigation to establish if the bait has had an influence.  

The photographs were all on the same night, and one of them shows her reusing an old den site. However, none of them show her taking an active interest in the bait.

A suggestion has been made that the lighter patch of scales towards the end of the tail (quite common on Sunda Pangolins) could be used as a way to identify her in the future. This could be an aid in the continued tracking of her survival through camera trapping. 


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