P27-settling in well

This morning, using radio telemetry, we managed to locate P27’s den site, we know for sure that it was his as we could see him clearly curled up inside.



Radio telemetry usually gets us to with 20-30m of the den site, however, often it then comes down to persistence and a keen eye, checking every den hollow to see if we can find the animal. It is not always successful to find the exact tree they are sleeping in, so it was very refreshing to find him and to confirm he is alive and healthy.


2 thoughts on “P27-settling in well

  1. He has only been release for a week, but a rough estimate based only on den sites we have accurately located is a range of 2.2ha and the furthest he has been found from the release site is 278m.

    He has moved den site every night, whereas the female (P33) showed a higher fidelity, regularly using site for two or three consecutive nights. This had already been recorded by Norman Lim in Singapore, but only for natal den use.

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