We had a good run, but the transmitter finally fell off…

Unfortunately on Saturday we found the transmitter that had been attached to P27 lying on the forest floor. He had been using a den site in thick bamboo forest, and as you can see from the picture below, the transmitter is still attached to the scale, it is the scale itself that fell off.


The dropped transmitter still attached to the scale (on the right)

As we have done in the past, we are setting up camera traps at all his known den sites. We are hopeful as he has been found returning to a previously used den site on more than one occasion. However, considering he has spent the past 4 weeks in the same 4 hectares it may be time for him to forage for food in a different area.  Ants and termites are abundant in this type of habitat, however, the volume that one individual can eat means that at some point the animal must move on to another patch. He may well move back to an area he is familiar with, in which he may reuse den sites where we have cameras.


Setting up a camera trap at a previously used den site

However, as we have experienced in the past with P33, it could be several months before he returns to this area, or any area in his current home range, and appears on our camera traps, but we will keep you informed.

In the meantime the releases will continue. The next step is to release one in the next few weeks so we can gather some data over the dry season.


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