The recovery of a rescued pangolin

Yesterday afternoon a pangolin was brought to Cat Tien that had been found in a snare trap. It was small (about 3kg) and found on Tuesday. Initially it looked like the animal wasn’t injured, but snare trap wounds are often difficult to find spot, especially when a frighten animal is curled up tight.


Initially the park wanted to release it straight away, but eventually they agreed that we could put it in our enclosure and feed it, at least for one night to check it was ok. This is a huge step with the park, who in previous instances have not agreed to do this. It is incredibly lucky that we did, as watching it move around the enclosure revealed a snare trap wound that previously hadn’t been spotted. 



This meant that we could get to work treating it straight away. On closer inspection it doesn’t look too bad, but if it was released in this condition there would be a high chance of infection. When checked this morning it had fed and was curled up asleep in the bedbox. Over the next few days we will be able to continue the treatment and monitor its progress, and when recovered we will release it.


Unfortunately, it appears that the scales are too small and thin to hold a transmitter. However, when recovered we will have a closer look at see if any form of post releasing monitoring will be possible. We will keep you posted on how it does. 











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