School events and the arrival of P26



It has been a busy week after world pangolin day last Saturday. Firstly, we traveled to some local schools to talk to pupils about pangolins and the wildlife in Cat Tien National Park. Many of the students had never been to the park which is only about 40 minutes away from where they live! It is important to increase awareness about the wildlife that is on their doorstep, but also how exploited they are and how important it is to do something. 


We also held some impromptu discussions with an International School from Ho Chi Minh City who were visiting the park. They all pledge to tell people about pangolins and to keep their eyes open for any wildlife trade that they see in the city. 


On top of all that, we collect the next animal to be released in the park. P26 arrived from Cuc Phuong on Wednesday. It took him a couple of nights to get his appetite back after a long journey, but now seems to be eating well. He will spend a month in an enclosure acclimatizing to the slightly hotter temperature of his new home. This also gives us a chance to monitor his behavior directly to ensure that he is released as a healthy, unstressed individual.