P26 Release

As we have been monitoring P26 over the past four weeks we had noticed that he is fairly aware of people. For example, when he first arrived in Cat Tien he was very cautious when coming out of the travel box and he only emerged after we had left. 

Today we released him into the forest. With other releases the animal has happily come out the box and started investigating the area, P26, however, was lot more nervous.

It is bad practice and stressful to tip the box or lift the animal out, better just to leave it open and let them climb out by themselves. So instead we stood back and waited, but he still did not want to leave.


We decided to minimise stress we would leave food and water very close to the bedbox and to leave him alone. We will head back out first thing tomorrow to find out where he is. Hopefully, he will get used to his new surroundings and smells this evening and find a suitable sleep site in many of the tree hollows around that area. 



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