Training in pangolin and carnivore captive care

Today Thai, who worked as the captive manager at CPCP for several years, presented to some staff at Cat Tien about how to care for confiscated carnivore and pangolins. Steps like this are so important, it took just an hour to share knowledge and experience, swap contact details and provide hand outs to all of these people but all of it will help to improve the care of confiscated animals that are brought to the park. 

This will be supported further when in May the field team will have the opportunity to present their work and hopefully encourage the correct handling and placement of confiscated animals. 


About sundapangolin

I am a Conservation Biologist dedicated to increasing the understanding of and respect for the pangolin and their habitats and empowering people to take action to conserve them. I spent 18 months working as Field Adviser monitoring through radio tracking released and rehabilitated Sunda pangolin with the Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program in Vietnam. Since then I have been working on pangolin conservation in Brunei and Sumatra.

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