Camera trapping

Camera trapping for pangolins is notoriously difficult to do. They are not restricted to pathways or ridge ways like larger mammals are and can move through the undergrowth quite freely. There are also several lures and baits available to attract other mammals, however, despite their strong sense of smell, the only smell that we have recorded pangolins being attracted to is that consisting of their captive diet, which is useless if looking for wild pangolins. We have tried baiting cameras with live weaver ant nest, but with no success.

I know of many long term surveys that have got pictures of pangolin, but we are talking a handful of photographs over thousands of nights of camera trapping. Even here, when camera trapping around an individuals home range, it is incredibly difficult to get a photograph. However, we have, on occasion, been lucky. Here are some of the photographs we have obtained and a few photographs of other species that have caught on the way!




Small Clawed Oriental Otter


Small Indian Civet


Yellow Throated Marten


Leopard Cat


About sundapangolin

I am a Conservation Biologist dedicated to increasing the understanding of and respect for the pangolin and their habitats and empowering people to take action to conserve them. I spent 18 months working as Field Adviser monitoring through radio tracking released and rehabilitated Sunda pangolin with the Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program in Vietnam. Since then I have been working on pangolin conservation in Brunei and Sumatra.

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