Save Vietnam’s Wildlife launch a new website

Please visit and find out about their pangolin conservation, as well as their other conservation projects.

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is honored to announce the launch of our official English website on Wednesday 19th November 2014.

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife was established as a national Non-Profit Organisation on July 22nd 2014 and our website showcases what we have been doing. The Vietnamese version will be issued within the next month.

Our website provides an overview of the conservation achievements of Save Vietnam’s Wildlife over the last few months and of the Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program’s in the past several years of which Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW) continues to take responsibility for.

Despite threats of habitat loss and the illegal wildlife trade, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is actively engaged in the correct placement of confiscated wildlife. We strive to carry out scientific research increasing the understanding of the requirements for threatened species in the wild and in captivity; educate and train the public and rangers to promote positive perceptions and attitudes towards wildlife conservation; and develop conservation breeding programmes for threatened species to support wild populations. Finally, we’re continually evolving our animal welfare standards and practices promoting ideals to zoos and rescue centres across Vietnam.

We are writing to express our deepest thanks for your generous donation and support to The Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program in the past and Save Vietnam’s Wildlife in the future. We are excited about what can be achieved with your continued support.

On behalf of the team at Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

All the best,


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