Stakeholder workshop – Brunei

Wildlife conservation is an integral part of Brunei’s move to a more diversified and greener growth. Following this theme and in the run up to the third annual World Pangolin Day it is a pleasure to be running a workshop focusing on designing and strategy for the conservation of the Sunda pangolin; a species for which Brunei represents one of the last remaining strongholds.

The conservation of our natural fauna requires a multi-faceted approach and so the attendance of key stakeholders from a variety of different ministerial departments, NOGs and university students provided a great platform for collaboration and sharing knowledge working towards a common goal.

In order for any strategy to be successful it has to be nationally feasible. The morning section of the workshop was designed to analyse the environment that we were working in order to determine what is possible. It involved taking an honest approach, critically evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced in pangolin conservation.

Conservation of a species involves focusing efforts in key locations, where work will have a measurable impact on a species at a global scale. Until now the crucial role that Brunei plays in the conservation of Sunda pangolin has not been sufficiently highlighted. This was a chance to emphasize the role that this country plays and what a unique position it is in, thanks to swathes of pristine forest found in this country.

The afternoon session was aimed at providing attendees with basic knowledge necessary for the successful rescue, rehabilitation and release of Sunda pangolin. Group work developed ideas on what records should be taken when collecting a rescued pangolin, how natural behaviors can be encouraged during rehabilitation and how to monitor the animal’s progress and how to assess when it is suitable for release. A risk assessment at all stages of the process was conducted to ensure that guidelines were of an international standard.

It was an incredible success and I would like to thank the hard work of all attendees and the support of the British High Commission in Brunei.  IMG_0658 IMG_0660 IMG_0662 IMG_0664 IMG_0667 IMG_0668 IMG_0669


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