Pangolin illustrations

I have been lucky enough to work with pangolins in the wild and spend time in the forest at night. Drawing on these experiences I have been working with Oakenday Press to produce a book to increase environmental literacy and support a conservation cause.

The process began with sharing pangolin stories with the author who used this information to put together a delightful night time adventure. From there I had the opportunity to scour personal photos from both Vietnam and Brunei as inspiration for  initial sketches.

Initial Ideas

Initial sketches



However, this was just the start and the process has unleashed my creative side. I was encouraged to think about different view points and composition; to work out how to express the height of the trees, the colour of the sky and characteristics of the animals in a way that appeals to children but remains ecologically accurate.

With a deadline of World Pangolin Day 2016 looming I am in the midst of adding colour. I paused for inspiration and spent 45 mins in the children’s section of my local book store selecting some reading!

reading material


From there I’ve just managed to established a general theme, the task now begins in adding the detail and bring the story to life.

Playing with colour


About sundapangolin

I am a Conservation Biologist dedicated to increasing the understanding of and respect for the pangolin and their habitats and empowering people to take action to conserve them. I spent 18 months working as Field Adviser monitoring through radio tracking released and rehabilitated Sunda pangolin with the Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program in Vietnam. Since then I have been working on pangolin conservation in Brunei and Sumatra.

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