A Pangolin Tale – spreading far and wide

After months of hard work A Pangolin Tale: Adventure of the Armored Anteater is available on line from both the UK and US Amazon sites . We are currently working on getting it distributed world wide! 30% of the profits go to support pangolin conservation.

At the moment, the book has been put to great use. Locally a few teachers who I am friends with have been reading it to their classes and  I am hopefully going to be working with a local Guide leader to do some events with some groups.

Internationally, a copy has been sent to Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, where I first started working with pangolins for The Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program. Here is a lovely photo of the book outside their new education centre.

Pangolin Tale

A wonderful non-profit, One More Generation (OMG) also presented a copy to Sharon Guynup at the Environmental Change and Security Program.


I am also incredibly excited to be working with this group and their founders to launch a pangolin campaign towards the end of the year. These guys are working hard to empower the youth around the world and tackling pressing environmental issues. I am also thrilled to announce that I have accepted their invitation to become an Advisory Board Member 🙂 Stayed tuned to find out what we have planned…









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