Pangolin class

My focus this summer has been in Sumatra as we set up some work, initially funded by Cleveland Meteroparks Conservation Fund.

One part of this is to enthuse locals about their wildlife. To start this off we conducted a small school event with some local children in Sibolangit District. They are given regular English lessons and we joined in with an environmentally themed topic, focusing on the Sunda pangolin.

Together we read a copy of ‘A Pangolin Tale: Adventures of an Armored Anteater‘. We then played some games relating to the animals in the book to help them learn the English names. For example, I would say ‘tiger’ and the children would roar like a tiger! It worked both ways, I then had to do the same to learn the names in Indonesian 🙂


Afterwards, we talked about how the scales of the pangolin were made from the same stuff as your fingernails and to remember this all the children created a pangolin picture with their finger prints.


Finally the became pangolin protectors and they all drew an image in the middle of a pangolin shield, which was the same shape as a pangolin scale. .


Although this was only a small event, it is hoped that it can be repeated many times it different places. It can also be developed more and we can teach the children more about the pangolin.

20160811_145745 20160811_151556


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