The Sunda Pangolin Manis javanica is one of the most exploited animals in Southeast Asia, hunted to satisfy demand for wild-meat and traditional Chinese medicine. The Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program (CPCP) remains one of the few conservation programs focused on this species. This project will develop and implement a release program for rehabilitated Sunda Pangolins that follows international standards.

Before release the pangolins will be attached with a radio transmitter allowing researchers to monitor the movements and behaviors of the released individuals. This is the first time that released pangolins have been tracked providing information essential in the conservation management of this species.

4 responses to “About”

  1. Aini Yasmin says :

    Dear blogger,
    I’m a research group currently doing research on manis javanica in Malaysia. We have some data but require some experts in pangolin to help us analyse the data. Would like to collaborate with you or if you know anybody who is an expert in pangolin and its biological properties.

  2. corinne says :


    I am a story producer/researcher working on a documentary series. In a nutshell, It is about people from all walks of life who dedicate their lives into saving wildlife/ mother nature.
    Are you by any chance working on any project (relating to Pangolins) in Sabah or Sarawak in the next few months ? If you are, I would be most grateful if I may obtain your contact details so that I can find out more about it.

    Hope to hear from you soon.



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